ISSN: 2602-2893


The evaluation process of the articles submitted to the Academic Platform Journal of Islamic Research (APJIR) consists of 3 stages; the Pre-Evaluation Process, the Evaluation by the Referees and the Final Decision Process. The evaluation process is confidential. The authors will be informed about the status of the evaluation of the articles upon their request.

1- Pre-Evaluation Process: The submitted articles are evaluated by the editor before publication, in terms of coverage, scientific validity, relevance, relevance to previous work, suitability of references / citations, and length of article. The articles which are deemed appropriate by the editor to be sent to the referees shall be directed to be evaluated in confidential to two or more referees.

2- Evaluation by the Referees: The referees will fill in the "Article Evaluation Form" about the article on-line and send to the editor. The referees will evaluate the acceptability of the article for publication in the framework of the following criteria:
- Article type
- Contribution and originality in the field
- To what extent the subject of article is examined
- Article's suitability for language rules
- Titles compliance with content
- In the abstract, aims, materials and methods, results and conclusion should be included
- The same content in Turkish and English abstract.
- Keywords are sufficient in number and suitability to the subject
- Suitability of the introduction compliance with the aim
- Conformity of the method and the procedure
- Suitability of the result and findings section to the objective of article
- Tables are necessary and / or clear enough
- Suitability and adequacy of article to writing template
- References should be the update and relevant with the subject.

Each referee is required to assess the scientific validity and orginality of the article. Referees are also expected to emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of the article at the same time. While the referee reports playing a decisive role in rejecting or accepting the manuscript, the final decision on the publishability of a manuscript belongs to the Editor.

If the article is rejected or required to be revised in a comprehensive manner, the author (s) has the right to request reconsideration from the editor and the referees, writing the dispute in detail / justification if he / she thinks that the reason for rejection or correction is not a scientific / rational basis. The appeal is evaluated by the editor and final decision is made. The article may be re-evaluated, or the writer's objections may not be sufficient. The author (s) who are required to make corrections must complete these corrections within a reasonable time as requested.

When an article is accepted as a format, the estimated publication date is informed to the author (s) based on the number of articles waiting to be published. The articles are published in this order, based on their acceptance dates. The evaluation process described above lasts for an average of four months.

3- Final Decision Process: In accordance with the evaluations made by the referees, the decision to accept or reject a manuscript for publication is the responsibility of the Editor, who evaluates the reports sent by the referees. However, in case the Editor considers it is of necessity, the manuscript may be sent to another referee. The editor will send referee's evaluation to the author if there is any need for correction. Once the author sends the corrected version of the accepted manuscript back to the editor, the editor will send it to the publishing manager. The text is passed through the final checks, type and layout operations before printing. After all this process, the paper will be ready for publication